Guidance for Men’s Etiquette and Lifestyle

Being a gentleman is a full time job. You must be the best version of yourself, inside and out, at all times. The Pemberley Protocol experience provides the exclusive opportunity to master the tools for best practice in etiquette, styling, interior design, and other luxuries.


Everyday Etiquette

Be noticed for the right reasons. Etiquette is more than good manners and formalities. It is the way you enter a room, the way you stand, your interactions and first impressions. From small talk, to entertaining, to meeting your significant others parents, I will walk you through the steps of etiquette so you are the most polished and confident version of yourself.

Business Etiquette

In the business world, you have mere seconds to make an impression. Networking, negotiating, interviews, meetings—let us help you stand out for your elegance and charm.From emails to body language, we will cover all of the practices for success in the business world. You are in control of your destiny – let me help you close the deal.


Men’s Styling

You’re a man who travels. Be it for business or pleasure, you need to know how to manage your travel wardrobe. Claire Blumenthal has been traveling for the last 5 years, living out of a suitcase, all while maintaining a chic wardrobe. The key is to add flare with accessories without bringing all of your suits and shoes. The Pemberley Protocol enables you to master the art of adding style to basic attire on the go.

Dating Tips

Women love confidence in a man. How do you know if you’re giving off the right vibes? What’s the best way to ask for her number? How do you plan a romantic first date, or get a second date? Standard dating etiquette doesn’t work when you are trying to get a gorgeous, brilliant woman. Be a shark in the dating pool with the Pemberley Protocol.


Interior Decorating

You want to wow people who come into your space— let’s take what you have already, and make it better! It’s more than just being tidy. Don’t bore them with another bachelor pad. With the Pemberley Protocol’s guide to interior decorating, women and men will be impressed with your home.



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