Online Slots Review: Triple Diamond

How to Play the Triple Diamond Slot Machine

Play this genuine three-reel vintage slot machine, dripping with diamonds, and enjoy a thrilling trip back in time. If you enjoy classic slot machines, you will love IGT’s Triple Diamond Slot. This slot machine has a minimum wager of $25 per spin and nine pay lines, making it ideal for high-rollers.

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Structure of the Game

The design of Triple Diamond, with its blocky interface and classical symbols, is a wonderful tribute to vintage slot machines.

Most of the game’s branding components are neon colored, evoking nostalgia for classic slot machine parlors.

There are just five symbols in this game, making it easy to keep track of. These are the basic icons of a slot machine: bars, a seven, and the title.

To increase your chances of winning, try to line up any three of the following:

Red Seven (pays out at 100 times)

Yellow BAR, STACKED 3 HIGH (40x payout)

Purple double-stacked BAR (20x payout)

Green one-segment bar (10x payout).

Sounds and Music from Slot Machines

The game’s noises, like those of other classic slots, will either appeal to you or annoy you.

The game noises are an annoying throwback to the Sega Saturn era and only play when the reels are spinning.

If you plan on playing for an extended amount of time, you should either learn to appreciate the music and sound effects or turn the sound down.

The more valuable symbols in the game (the Triple Diamond emblem and the red seven) also trigger a ‘ding’ sound effect when they appear on the reels.

Unique Characteristics

Being a traditional three-reel slot machine game, the action is basic but fun. In Triple Diamond, the key to a large win is getting three Triple Diamond symbols in a row.

Sounds difficult (and it is), but if you just manage to line up one or two of these symbols, they will substitute for any other symbols on the payline to help you win.

Moreover, the standard victory will be amplified:

For one particular icon, the payout is triple the norm.

If you get lucky with only two symbols, you’ll get paid nine times as much.

Winnings are multiplied by 10 for a combination of two Triple Diamonds and a single blank symbol.

In a similar vein, if there is no winning combination and you get a single Triple Diamond symbol, the slot will pay you double your wager.

Triple Diamond Slot: Our Opinions

When we think of a game that harkens back to the glory days of the three-reel slot machine, one of our favorites is IGT’s Triple Diamond. When playing with a high-stakes, win-big-or-go-home mentality, the significantly increased bet prices make a difference. However, this also means that the game might be expensive, so you probably won’t be playing it as much as your standard, daily slot game (unless you have a very large bankroll).

In light of this information, however, the Triple Diamond slot game truly shines as a hidden gem. And when we see those huge winnings on bets, we can’t help but wonder, “What if?”

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