The Rise of Metallics: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Home Decor with Aura


With summer well underway and the slow down starting to take effect, it is the perfect opportunity to refurbish the home and make those much needed interior updates you’ve been thinking about since the beginning of the year. With scorching temperatures currently hitting the thermostat, cooling metallics are this years much needed SS19 accent for the home. Whether it is strong bold furniture statements or subtle accessory choices, there are a variety of ways in which to incorporate metallics. From gold to silver, bronze and rose tones, playing with metallics within the home can be a fun way to mix and match modern components with traditional design. aura has been inspiring the region with modern living interior solutions since its inception in 2011. Providing elevated modern twists to traditional elements, aura provides their top tips on how to incorporate the metallics trend into your home this summer.

Bold and the beautiful

Nothing quite projects a statement as the likes of furniture. One piece can change the ambience, creating a truly unique effect to a traditional layout. For the living room, set it apart with a gold metallic coffee table stand beneath a glass table top. Arrange sofas adorned with metallic studs to incorporate the design throughout the room. For the dining room, substitute the usual wooden dining chairs for stylish all wire alternatives, decked out with soft floral or solid coloured pillows.


 Accessorize, darling!

The beauty of accessories is they can be incorporated just about anywhere. From picture frames, candle holders and even lighting ornaments, metallic embellishments can be a cost effective way to encompass the trend throughout the home. Use same couloured metallic pieces placed in multiple areas within a room to accent furniture and fabrics to create the desired look.


 Mix and match

Metallics are subtle enough in colour in which they blend beautifully with a variety of different materials to create some truly stunning effects. Take the time to mix and match patterns and materials with mirrored finishes and metallics. Update neutrals, such as wood and marble, by pairing with metallics to create sophisticated differentiation between materials.


 On top

Taking the metallic touch all the way to the dining room, a subtle yet unique way to add the trend can be through dining decor. Choose dishes with metallic embellishments whilst pairing with metallic cutlery. Emphasize the look with candle holders and vases with light coloured flowers to create a soft contrast. Additionally, mix and match plates in different patterns whilst using lanterns in silver and gold as a unique take to the centrepiece, sure to wow guests at your next dinner party.


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