The Golden Rules of Accessorizing your Bespoke Suit

The Golden Rules of Accessorizing your Bespoke Suit

A person should always give a thought on how to accessorize in a balanced and effortless manner without appearing to overdo it. Every choice with regards to accessorizing should give the message that you are a Gentleman of high sartorial taste and that you have given enough thought to the way you dress.

The first and foremost rule that a Gentleman should follow with regards to this is that your tie and pocket square should never match. An exact match showcases that you have gone for the most obvious choice and do not like to think your actions through in life by usually making the most obvious decisions. Your tie and pocket square should complement each other by belonging to the same family of colors but in different shades. You could also match the design pattern to be the same on your tie and pocket square but in different colors. Make sure you have an interesting pocket square fold and not just the regular four-in-hand. It doesn’t take more than two minutes of your time to do an interesting pocket square fold and surely makes a stronger, more prominent statement whilst making the observer look forward to meeting you again to notice which fold you do the next time.

The Golden Rules of Accessorizing Your Bespoke Suit

Cufflinks should be a personal statement that gives the observer a glimpse of who you are as a person. It could be something to do with your profession or a hobby. For example, if you are a writer or you like writing, have cufflinks in the shape of a pen. Not only will this become a great conversation starter, but it shall also give the message that you take a personal interest in everything you like doing.

With Regards to your choice of shoes, wearing black shoes with every thing again showcases the fact that your Wardrobe isn’t mature enough. The fact is that more colors blend in with brown shoes than black, and making the obvious choice of wearing black shoes on everything does not speak of high sartorial taste. Pairing brown shoes with suits show an in-depth understanding of using colors effectively by contrasting them in a way that looks quite fresh and appealing rather than outlandish and garish. Dark chocolate-brown shoes should be worn with navy-blue and charcoal-grey suits. Lighter hues of blue and mid-grey can be teamed with tan-colored shoes.You can go a step further and make it known that you pay attention to detail by matching the color of your shoelaces to the color of your suit.This is an effective way to show that you are skillful in the art of dressing up with subtlety while paying careful attention to finer details. The ability to master this art indicates the true mark of being a true Gentleman. Being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice, a choice which can be showcased by accessorizing in the right manner.