The Best Outfit to Wear to the Airport While Travelling


Once, traveling was considered an occasion, a time to adorn ones Sunday best any day of the week. Nowadays if you look around an airport, you will see a variety of outfits, ranging from comfy hoodies and sweats to chic professional attire.

Of course some people will always default to their classic sweats and a t-shirt flying outfit. Totally an acceptable option.  However, dressing nicely at the airport can have countless benefits. Opportunity is everywhere, as they say.


People Judge Us by How We Dress

An example of why it pays to dress accordingly. Recently, I was on a trip. I was dressed nicely and the gentleman next to me started a conversation with me. We hit it off and I ultimately got his contact information, and he eventually became a client of mine. Now, if I had been dressed in a baggy sweatshirt and stained jeans, I doubt he would have given me the time of day. But we can make connections everywhere we go, and people are much more likely to connect with us if they see us dressed in something elegant.

Dressing in something nice makes us stand out—it makes us more approachable and more interesting. Realistically most people are not dressed so well at the airport, so as long as you’re in something classy and casual, you can usually still make an impression.


Expect the unexpected

Another benefit to dressing well on the flight is that life happens. Luggage can get left behind or lost and not make it to the correct destination. Would you rather be stuck in a location dressed in your pajamas, or in a nice outfit that fits any occasion? An outfit that suits you is far more desirable to be stranded in.


Staple Pieces to Wear

You can never go wrong between a balance of comfort and style.

A jacket is a staple piece for travel. Planes can be unbearably hot or freezing cold, and it’s better to be prepared. You can always use it as a blanket if needed. A jacket with pockets is a great way to store all of your most important belongings like phone, passport, etc. that you prefer not to have floating around and potentially lost. Specifically, it’s best to travel with a jacket that is comfortable and durable, and won’t wrinkle.

When it’s warmer, I prefer to travel with my bomber jacket because it’s light and has spacious pockets. You will want something dark in color or something that goes with everything, like a nice pattern.

Must Haves

Button Down Shirts

For men, a button down shirt is a classic choice. The fabric is durable, and no neck-tie is necessary. Long sleeves is a must. Or, if you prefer, a long sleeve polo shirt can also be a classy choice for long flights. 


Key Accessories

If you’re going on a long trip or a business trip, always wear a tie or pack an extra one in your carry on. If your luggage gets lost, you’ll be glad to have the extra.

Another simple accessory that adds an element of excellence to any outfit is a pocket square. Easy to pack, small, and sure to make you look like the classiest one on the plane.

If you have to choose between belt and suspenders, go with belt, as it’s more practical and easy to take off in terms of travel.

Compression socks are also a good idea to keep blood flow and to avoid blood clots. Gentleman over 35, we’re talking to you. Better safe than sorry. Even if you don’t worry about blood clots, over the calf socks are still an ideal accessory.

In terms of watches, a wristwatch is your best bet. Ideally put it in your luggage so it doesn’t slow you down at security. Or if you’re like me, you’ve invested in TSA Precheck so you don’t have to wait, but still, it pays to think ahead and avoid any delays. 


Leather Shoes

You can’t go wrong with a nice leather shoe. Preferably slip on, and one that matches. A loafer is a good idea because it slips on and off and again, since time is money, will help you to get through the airport quickly, easily, and most importantly, while still looking great.


Light pants

The best fabric for travel is cotton. Something light and that can be washed if needed – so chinos or khakis are a good option. They are versatile and can be used in an array of different outfits—from casual to something more stylish.  

For a carry on, I bring my computer bag which has all my necessities tucked away as well (charger, glasses, anything you might need.) If I am not checking luggage, I’m sure to bring a carry on that is durable and stable so I can balance a bag on top of it and navigate the airport without having to worry.