Summer Fitness Tips for Men


As the incessant heatwave continues to rage on, it becomes increasingly difficult for health-savvy individuals to maintain their fitness regime or progress towards reaching their goals, whether they are trying to add muscle mass, lose fat or increase their strength levels.

Somehow, staying dedicated throughout the colder seasons proves to be easier, and while summertime is the time to be ripped, radiant and tan, most guys fail to build their beach-ready physiques. Luckily, there are a few simple last-minute steps you can take to improve your performance, nurture your complexion and dazzle everyone in that fitted tee. And without it. Here are the best summer fitness tips.



Let’s face it; you’re probably not drinking enough pure aqua when it’s colder outside, so why would you think you’re reaching your daily requirements when the weather is steaming hot? You might be under the impression that you’re hydrating plenty because you’re feeling thirsty more often, but the truth is you’re dehydrated.

As a soldier would say: “dehydration is a soldier’s worst enemy” and the timeless adage transcends ranks and career choices, and impacts everyone, especially a fitness enthusiast like yourself. You need to hydrate throughout the day, so it’s best to get a 2,2L water jug, and then try drinking two of those. You will immediately notice that you have more energy, mental clarity, and positivity.



Proper footwear is essential when training in the summer. If you’re used to running in your sneakers, you know how difficult it can be to get all the sand and dirt out of them, especially if you have dared to venture to the beach. That’s why you need to sport light footwear that you can carry with you wherever you go, such as wrap shoes that are breathable, foldable and can be easily cleaned. 


Proper Post-Workout Skincare

Summertime is the perfect time for your skin to break out in blackheads, rashes completely, and become dry, patchy, and flaky. This is a modern man’s worst nightmare, as you do not want to be seen with poor skin, especially if you’re nurturing a beard because a manly mane must be accompanied by a nurtured complexion as well.

That’s why now it is more important than ever for you to introduce a daily skincare regime, entailing quality skin care products. Be sure to take extra care of your beard and hair, as it can significantly lose its quality and shine due to the unforgiving summer weather.



Wearing proper workout clothes is always important, however, in the summertime, the right clothes could save your life. Given the fact that people are having a poor time dealing with the heat, and are fainting everywhere and suffering heat strokes, it is essential for you as an athlete to stay cool, especially during your workouts. 

Training apparel such as dry-fit t-shirts and breathable gym shorts for men should be a staple in your wardrobe along with lightweight shoes to keep you from losing excessive amounts of bodily fluids and to stay as cool as possible during your workouts.



Meal preparation is a crucial part of any fitness regime, and whatever your goals may be, having a meal plan and sticking to it is the way to reach them. You can most certainly put on muscle mass, or decrease your body fat levels, or even gain strength during the summer. However, your nutrition has to be on point, entailing frequent meals, smaller portions, and lighter food choices.

It can be very difficult to eat huge amounts of food in one sitting when the temperature reaches a scorching 40°C, so it is best to divide your meals into manageable portions and use supplements and liquid meals to ensure you’re reaching your daily calorie requirements. 

Summer is the most outgoing season of the year, and you want to look your best and feel your best for those long nights out on the town and afternoons spent lounging or playing sports at the beach. Be sure to incorporate these essential tips into your daily routine, and you will have no problems sculpting a physique men will envy, and women will want to touch.



This article is written by Yasin Valimulla, CEO of Mancave UAE. Find out more about Mancave UAE and their products on Facebook and Instagram.


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