Restaurant Review: Great British Restaurant (Dubai)


Stepping into Great British Restaurant the first thing I noticed was the design and décor. There are four columns in the dining room with two enlarged photographs on either side. Before choosing a table, I perused the art to see which one I would like to look at throughout my meal. I chose a charming table with a comfortable leather bench next to the window, facing my favorite piece of art. A man and a woman slouched into a sofa on a terrace. They look as if they had just hosted the most wonderful party in their home and everyone had left, and they were free to relax and smile after hours on the dance floor. Wine glasses littered the ground next to the sofa. It must have been quite a night. I'm sure the maid will come ‘round in the morning to put everything back together again, but for now, they enjoy each other’s company.


A charming young man of twenty-one brought us our menus. It was refreshing, not having so many options. They
only served the best and freshest. True British foods. After a quick perusal, we signaled the waiter and
asked him to bring us a cauliflower starter with tahini, cottage pie, and fish and chips. We've had enough
of Arabic food to last us a lifetime. It was time for some food that felt more like 'home.'

Restaurant Review: Great British Restaurant
Restaurant Review: Great British Restaurant

Before the starter came, we were treated to a crusty tomato bread that smelled divine. We couldn't wait to dig in. The accompanying pat of butter was special, too. Anyone can serve butter, but we were served honey butter.

Our food came quickly, piping hot, and smelling delicious. Each item perfectly picturesque, and tasty to boot.

The cauliflower with tahini was a pleasure to eat, hot and spicy.

Restaurant Review: Great British Restaurant

The waiter asked us if we wanted another starter. We declined, and I'm glad we did. One was certainly enough! The cottage pie was heftier than we thought it would be and fish and chips are always a filling treat.

The fish and chips were less oily than I was expecting and that was a good thing! I never understand why people think that frying means saturating something in oil. In this dish, we got to enjoy the flavor of the fish and the batter.

Restaurant Review: Great British Restaurant

All in all, the ambiance, the service, and the food are all rated five stars. We ate in GBR multiple times during our stay in the Dukes Hotel and wouldn’t hesitate to return. Each meal had a different variety of food and no matter what we ordered…it was a hit.

Restaurant Review: Great British Restaurant

Great British Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Dukes Dubai on the Palm Jumeirah. For reservations call +971 4 455 1111.