Recipe: The Vesper Martini

Recipe: The Vesper Martini

I had been to the Dukes Bar a few months back and had fallen in love with the place. The décor made me feel as if James Bond would walk through the door at any moment and order a martini, shaken, not stirred. And the barmen had an elaborate way to serve a drink which included bringing the bar cart to the sitting area of your choosing to explain what went in the drink and how to make it. I knew I would be back.

Recipe: The Vesper Martini

When I started my magazine I knew immediately I wanted to do a photo shoot there. In August I got to do just that. I interviewed Yasin Valimulla of and I ordered a drink while Yasin regaled me with tales of his past. The Vesper was created for James Bond by Ian Fleming. “The Vesper… because once you’ve tasted it, you
won’t drink anything else.”

Recipe: The Vesper Martini

Dukes Vesper Martini

  • 60 ml Gin

  • 30 ml vodka

  • 20 ml white vermouth

  • 2 dashes of Angostura Bitter

Remember the frozen glass and the orange peel to finish it off.


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