Recipe: Chef Martin Cahill's Dover Sole

Recipe: Great British Restaurant's Dover Sole

DOVER SOLE (recipe for 10 people)

  • 10 dover sole

  • 3 kg potatoes

  • 8 lemons

  • 150g capers

  • 20g dill

  • 1kg butter

  • 100g parsley


Cook potatoes in pot of water, once cooked remove and peel skin. To finish chop a little dill herb and season well with salt and a knob of butter they’re ready to serve. Sear sole in hot pan until golden brown, turn over in pan, continue cooking in oven for about 5 minutes till flesh just starts to give way at the bone, once cooked take out and finish sauce in pan by adding butter until it is foaming and baste fish well, then to finish, add capers, lemon and finally herbs to finish and serve.

Recipe; Great British Restaurants Dover Sole

The dover sole is one of our stand out signature dishes at restaurant The Great British Restaurant (on the main floor of Dukes Dubai). It says everything about the style of food we do and our identity. We source our fish through a supplier who used to be based in Billingsgate fish market in London. They understand the quality that chef Martin Cahill insists on. Here at GBR we cook beautiful classic British dishes using the best of British produce we can get in the gulf, and this dish is all about the quality produce chef Martin is very passionate about. So we keep it simple, and let the fish speak for itself and we get a well cooked lightly garnished fish dish.


A perfect pairing with this Dover sole is a white Dr. Loosen Reisling

A perfect pairing with this Dover sole is a white Dr. Loosen Reisling