Piero Giglio Talks Suiting


Last month I wrote about the famous Il Borro Tuscan Bistro in Dubai. I loved every minute of the experience and have thought of the food many time since. I was lucky enough to have the privilege to sit down with Piero Giglio, General Manager of Il Borro Tuscan Bistro, where I learned his love for bespoke tailoring. He may be an Italian, but his tailors are British!

I have never gotten a bespoke suit made for myself (despite the fact that Knights & Lords in Dubai offer the service for women). I wanted to know everything there was to know about the process and how it was working with Ashish and Pawan of Knights & Lords fame.

Back at Il Borro, I met with Piero in between Lunch and Dinner seatings.

Piero is from the South of Italy and has been working the past 20 years in a combination of London, Miami, and Dubai. His experience in Dubai has covered ten years. Being an expatriate has broadened his mind, but his style is purely Italian. Healthy living, elegant suits, and good food is his lifestyle. He exemplifies the #ThePemberleyWay of living.


Piero met Ashish and Pawan in a restaurant he worked in three years ago. They were attending an event Piero was hosting. They found they shared a passion for tailor-made suits. The brothers invited Piero to their shop in Dubai.

After a chat, they studied Piero’s personality to make a suit that not only fit him correctly, but that fits his personality. Which I think is very special. You can put clothes on anyone, putting the right clothes on someone is an art.

The fit, the colors, the fabric, these are all important factors, especially for someone who is meeting International people every day. First impressions are very important.

Knights & Lords writes down personality quirks about their clients that will make a change in the suit. Such as, someone who needs to move around or shake hands or needs a secret pocket for cigarettes, understanding these details is building a relationship.

Questions during the chat included what style of suit Piero liked best. Double Breasted or single? Three buttons or two? Lights colors versus dark colors? Wide lapel or even wider lapel?

Piero had had bespoke suits made for him before but not in the same way. Everything was done in a friendly, truly bespoke way.

Elegant shapes and dark colors and of course the fit is the way Piero likes his suits made. After a conversation, he was measured and a month later, voila! A bespoke suit that not only fit him but his personality. He fell in love instantly and wishes he could wear his Knights & Lords bespoke suit every day.

How does one finish off the look? Piero prefers a pocket square that can be seen and is not hidden behind his lapel, a custom-made shirt (wrinkle free), and now he is working with Ashish and Pawan on a custom tie. Personally, I cannot imagine Piero with a tie (he has that Mediterranean look), but sometimes it’s called for as needed.

A blue or black silk tie with white dots is his favorite. What I love about it is it sounds like it can be anything you want it to be, casual or elegant. Understated chic is the way to go, wear quality garments that will never go out of fashion.

“Quality of life matters. Every second of my life matters.” Piero Giglio