Natural Beauty, One Strand At A Time

This review was shared in exchange for gifted product from Harklinikken.


Scandinavian company Harklinikken was founded by Danish scientist Lars Skjoth who created a system to treat hair loss naturally, customized to each individual’s needs. He was eventually joined by medical Director Dr. Panos Vasiloudes, triple board certified, who operates 18 dermatology clinics worldwide. Harklinikken’s honesty and transparency, together with their top-of-the-line products made with natural ingredients derived from plants and cow’s milk, set them apart as clear leaders in the industry.


I spent the summer in Mallorca, I’m a notorious sun worshipper. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than in the water or on a chaise lounge with a Stella Artois in my hand, the Mediterranean sun beating down on my head.

I’ve been divorced for a few years now. I don’t date much; I’m married to my passions- my work and the sun. I even combine the two when I can. I hold meetings in my cabana or answer emails on my iPhone, so I don’t need to get out of swim trunks.

Lately I have been thinking a lot. I’m pushing 40 and I’ve had years alone to think. Sometimes I even get philosophical. I think about me and my place in the world. Insecurities always pop up. Why is it that when I go out at night with my friends I dress to the nines? I have my ostrich leather shoes, the Patek Phillipe watch, and a linen suit made by my favorite tailor in Naples. Yet, I’m not perfect, even though I’m genuinely a nice guy the girls don’t come flocking. Maybe I use my perfectly tanned skin as armor?

What is it you ask that I’m insecure about? My hair. I have hair, but it’s been thinning since I turned 20. It’s a beautiful light brown, with sun kissed blond highlights. But my hairline is also receding, and it’s thinned out considerable over the years. I am ashamed to say that I try to keep it longer and do a “comb back” so from the front it looks thicker than it is.

When I do get the privilege of having a woman with me, I’m afraid she will run her hands through my hair and see there’s not much there. It’s silly, I know, but we all have our insecurities, right? What would you do if you were shorter than you’d like? You’d invest in lifts for your Ferragamo shoes. So why can’t I do something about my thin hair? I can. I have found Danish company Harklinikken, who are completely upfront about if they can help with your type of hair loss. Thicker hair and hair regrowth are evident within 4-6 months, sometimes even sooner.

Here's my story.

On September 1st, I made an appointment in Harklinikken’s offices in Dubai, the only branch in the Middle East. I met Nina, a tall elegant woman who assured me that they could help. She took pictures of my scalp, used a fine-tooth comb through my thinning tresses to properly assess the situation.

I have what is known as Androgenetic Alopecia, and they have treatment for me! I was delighted to have hope for a better future!

Nina told me it was simple. All I had to do was use a special organic shampoo and conditioner and apply a special mix of extracts to my hair every night. The extract consists of raw plant-based materials, derivatives from burdock root and marigold, that are combined in a 3-step fermentation process that is unique to the brand. The products do not contain preservatives, petro-chemicals, coloring or perfumes. Each extract is individually tailored and adjusted through the process, to meet the individual’s needs.

I was told to keep the extract in my hair for at least 6 hours which required me to add it to my already full bedtime schedule.

I had just started dating someone who found me inexplicably attractive and my insecurity about my hair got stronger for 5 seconds while I thought about having to apply this extract to my head before bed. What if it smelled bad? What if she didn’t like it? What if? What if? I had 5 seconds to think about it and I put me first. This was going to make my life better and make me feel better about myself, so I said, “Let’s do this!”

I got a branded bag of goodies and was on my way.

I always had dandruff and had this horrid habit of scratching my head when I was alone. Running my fingers through my hair, I’d feel the bumps and follicles and scratch. The experts at Harklinikken say that a healthy scalp is the key to effectively addressing hair loss, and their product line is geared to achieve this. Nina told me the first few days I should just use the shampoo and conditioner to clean my scalp, to make it ready to accept the extract into my scalp. I did that a few mornings and when I started the extract, I felt a noticeable difference. No more bumps.

To use the shampoo, I had to scrub hard for a few minutes. Then rinse, as usual, apply the conditioner in the ends of my hair. Easy, right?

The first night was easy as well. I was sleeping alone that night, so I had enough time to figure it all out by myself without any pressure. I took the bag to my ensuite and took out the extract and the applicator. Five milliliters, wait 30 minutes, then apply the second round of five milliliters. Then off to bed. I had to work the extract into my scalp for a few minutes each time I applied it. It smelled a bit like pineapple which didn’t turn anybody off.



The first month went well, as with everything new. Then we reached the second month where I was getting a bit impatient. The shampoo and conditioner were fine. I wash my hair every shower anyway so that wasn’t an issue. When I applied the extract, I would get lazy and it would drip a tiny bit down my forehead. Not a big deal, I should be more careful.

October is the high season for events, when everyone is back from vacation in significantly cooler Europe and the party scene goes high speed. While I don’t always go out and I don’t always drink, I do sometimes. There were a few nights this month that I came home in a stupor, tore off my clothes and fell into bed. All thoughts of extracts and applicators jumped out of my head. 

I was back at it the next night, but I felt guilty every time. I was paying for something I wasn’t utilizing properly and that’s not right. It won’t work if you don’t.

I was boosted when I had an appointment with Nina later in the month. She inspected my hair and I had baby hair coming in! Soft strands that stuck straight up when I got out of the shower! There was a noticeable difference and that bolstered my resolve. I mean, my hairline was even changing! Who wouldn’t be ecstatic?!


My girlfriend broke up with me. She wanted more than me so the right thing to do was to let her go and be better. While it was ultimately my choice, I decided I needed to go on a trip to sit in the sun and visit friends to recharge. I headed back to Mallorca to catch the last rays of sun before winter set in. The only difference? I was wearing a straw fedora the whole time because I had to keep my scalp healthy. Burning would not help anybody. Nina’s orders.

I went to see my favorite barber and he noticed he was cutting new hair! Great news! Even my daft friends noticed new hair was coming in. My confidence soared a bit, I have to say.


After all the recognition about my new hair follicles I got a bit cocky. Holiday parties started popping up and I got lazy. I would come home at 2 AM and quite literally fall into bed. It was a party month and I spiraled. And not just about my hair but with everything. My usage of the extract went down to around 3 days a week. Bad Andrew, bad.


Everything is bad, bad, bad. I sound like a children’s book but really, I was in an all-around depressed mood. Too much partying made me forget my purpose, what I aim to accomplish in my professional life and my personal health. There was not one day I used the extract. I went in for my appointment with Nina and was embarrassed and feeling guilty. But I turned it around.


Back to the health regimen! Even though I hadn’t used the extract in a month I had continued to see hair grow. It’s an absolute miracle. I didn’t deserve such a miracle! The extract continued to work even though I stopped using it. The realization came as a relief but reassured me that this program was worth it.

Harklinikken - Lars Skjoth_3.jpg


My life took a turn for the better. My company started doing better, miraculously, and I was back on track. I didn’t miss an evening of extract or a morning without exercise. My productivity was up and so were my spirits. By the end of March, I saw the new hair was even more noticeable and my hair line had legitimately changed! It had grown three inches since the start of the treatment, and I can’t stop playing with the new “baby” hair.


The last month of my treatment I was feeling on a high. I can now go into the Summer months with a newfound confidence. My inherent laziness had not completely gotten the best of me and I persevered. I have a new head of hair, and now that I love myself a little bit more I am ready for a new summer love thanks to Nina and the team at Harklinikken.