Masters of Elegance: Ashish and Pawan Ishwar of Knights and Lords Dubai


By now, we know the gentleman of Knights and Lords: they write a monthly column for The Pemberley, we have worked on many projects with them, and finally have had the opportunity to write a full feature about them.

But we weren’t always familiar with their names. All I know is that we are all better people for being acquainted with such admirable men.


The Ishwar family has been in tailoring for four generations, starting in India making the suits for British soldiers. The family moved to England where the tailoring trade kept on getting better and better. The young men took the craft to the next level by studying where it all originated, Savile Row. Even with all their knowledge they decided to learn everything from scratch, from the masters. After all, true men leave pride at the door.

They arrived the first day and were asked what they could do with their eyes closed. Pawan spoke up, “button holes.’ The tailors laughed when they saw his process and retaught them from the beginning.

“Generations ago, men were only what was sublime, and nothing else."

After successfully mastering all the necessary techniques, they realized there was something about bespoke tailoring that went beyond providing suits of superior craftsmanship- you were meant to shoulder the responsibility of spreading awareness of it in different parts of the world. Their decision to start their own venture in Dubai raised them from simple tailors to craftsman on a mission.

“Craftsmanship builds a culture for respect for human beings."

Knights and Lords was formed to remind today’s decision makers of the importance of having gentlemanly attributes and preserving the traditions left behind by the nobles of yesteryear.


So, who is bespoke tailoring meant for? Suits of today are meant to act as the armour of hundreds of years ago. Instead of battling for land and such, we battle to make our mark in an ever-changing world. It is for those who wish to preserve the supreme culture of being a true gentleman, who alongside doing justice to his true-life purpose also considers it his responsibility to dress like who he wants to be.

“To us, bespoke is simply what propels you to arrive at your destined door of life's unknown pleasures."

The decision to start a traditional tailoring house in Dubai was made only six years ago but has been received with much adoration. More people in the Middle East are opting for bespoke suits. Many already understand the craft and have the knowledge of the details they wish to embed in their customized suits, and a clear understanding of fabrics. Seeing this in a market where a few years ago you would never have seen a man in a British tailored suit gives them hope for the future. The people are appreciating the craft and that will only become more of the norm.


Ashish and Pawan Ishwar bring #ThePemberleyWay to life. We very much look forward to working with them again soon.

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StyleClaire Blumenthal