Keeping Your Home Clean And Tidy

Keeping Your Home Clean and Tidy

Most people think of tidiness only in Springtime when the weather gets warm, and they feel a newness around them. The truth is, cleanliness needs to be taken care of with a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal checklist. We’ve given you ours below but feel free to tweak the list with what fits you or your cleaning lady.


  • wipe down countertops
  • wipe down the kitchen sink (dishes must be washed first)
  • sweep the floors
  • take out the trash


Once a week:

  • wipe down appliances
  • scrub the bathroom
  • clean the mirrors
  • dust the furniture and shelving
  • change the bed linen
  • vacuum carpets
  • mop the floors


Once a month:

  • clean out microwave and oven
  • clean out kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • wipe down the inside of the medicine cabinets
  • scrub the tile grouts
  • wipe down doorknobs, switch plates, and lamps
  • vacuum the baseboards and heating/cooling vents
  • disinfect the garbage cans


Once a season:

  • clean out pantry (check for expired items)
  • air out rooms and drapes
  • clean throw pillows and blankets
  • sort through closets to clean/ repair/ donate items
  • clean and check the fridge (check for expired items)
  • wash duvet covers and blankets
  • wash the windows
  • clean the fireplace

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