An Interview with Yasin Valimulla

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I sat down with Yasin at the Dukes Hotel Bar. We had met before, both of us worked in Dubai real estate and we often saw each other at events. Everything you could have done right in the business, he did wonderfully. The man is a known entrepreneur and innovator. Friendly, kind, fashionable (not his bespoke suit and Gucci watch), and resilient. Yasin is the type of person anyone would be lucky to work with. While other brokers are sitting in offices and making cold calls, Yasin follows trends. He gets out of the office and meets people, he gets on social media and people find him.

A few months ago, he posted a picture of an apartment on the Palm Jumeirah he had for sale. A beautiful picture which garnered many likes but not only that. A message came…. asking to see the apartment and the couple actually bought the apartment! This is the right kind of innovation.

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Yassin grew up in a small village next to Manchester. Always wanting to expand his life he studied Spanish in University which meant a year abroad, away from his Muslim religious family. He felt he had to live differently. He met with opposition from his family, but he had to go. He spent a year in Marbella. He prolonged his year abroad into two years and finally returned to England to work in real estate in Liverpool.

The market crashed in 2009, and he lost everything. He wanted to leave the United Kingdom once again. He told his mother he was moving to Dubai. A friend suggested to move to Dubai, and without doing any research about the market, he moved. He came with 2,000 pounds and did what he had to do to get by. Things took off, he found love and married two years ago. But we are not here to talk about Yasin Valimulla, Mr. Palm Jumeirah.

We’re here to talk about his newest venture, Mancave-UAE. Launched in March 2017, collaborating with brands, and testing products he is slowly introducing his own line. Products are manufactured in India, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Beard oils and subscription boxes are next on his to do list. We are so happy to feature Mancave-UAE monthly with Men’s Grooming tips. Watch out for his future collaborations.

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We can’t wait to see what this innovative man of style has in store for the future.

All the best Yasin!