How to Design Your House Like a Hotel

We go on vacation and we choose the hotel carefully. We make sure it has all the amenities and design elements we want. Often times when we return home we lament the fact that we cannot live in a hotel. Well now you can, with these tips we make it easier for you to bring these amazing elements into your own home. 


Beachy Modern Organic: The 1 South Beach Hotel

Renowned Interior Designer, Deborah Aguiar merged a clean beachy feel, with understated elegance and a nod to the environment with white-washed floors, fresh whites, off-whites, barely-there neutral tones, terrariums, fresh flowers, jute, natural fibers and recycled materials.

Renovate Your Apartment With the Style of Some of the World's Chicest Hotels

The beauty of Modern Organic and this elegant beachy style is that with a little bit of cleverness and panache, you can easily replicate some of the same feel of this $700/night hotel- in the comfort of your own home with the following simple equation:

Monochromatic/ neutral/ tone-on-tone layers of “color” (hint, there are 1000’s of ways to do “white” and off-white) + whitewashed floors (these days there are relatively inexpensive light wood Porcelain floors that look almost as luxurious as wood), Recycled woods whitewashed or “lime-washed” + natural textiles+ elements of nature= A clean day at the beach and breath of fresh air! You will never get tired of coming home to this color palette.

DIY PRO TIP: Items that can make this look accessible: Recycled Woods and containers that are whitewashed. Your local home goods store or furniture store can even help you with this process. Bring the outside in, with air ferns, moss walls, terrariums and indoor gardens.

Renovate your Apartment with the Style of some of World’s Chicest Hotels
Renovate your Apartment with the Style of some of World’s Chicest Hotels

Moroccan Romance: Inspired by El Fenn Hotel in Marrakesh

Nothing says sensuality and romance like the rich palates of Morocco: hanging lamps to add mystique and mood, rich, palpable colors and layers of colorful tapestries.

Renovate your Apartment with the Style of some of World’s Chicest Hotels

This is another revamp that can be done without breaking the bank, by starting with rich hues in the paint from turquoise, to electric blue to rich fuchsia + exotic, world traveler flea market finds, mirrors and textiles.

Play with the angles and geometry already existing in your space, adding deep, soul-piercing, dream inspiring, matte hues.

Renovate your Apartment with the Style of some of World’s Chicest Hotels

Bring Morocco home with brass lamps, tea sets and souk style finds for high-drama and sumptuous interior intrigue.

Bonus Points: Add mosaic tiles and bring the rich colors throughout your home, all the way into to your sal de-bain, to transform bathing into a truly religious experience.

Balinese Spiritual Surf House: Inspired by The Temple Lodge

Traditional Balinese buildings seek to be in harmony with the environment.

Traditional Balinese houses are built almost entirely of organic materials. They use natural materials such as thatch roofing, bamboo poles, woven bamboo, coconut wood, teak wood, brick, and stone. Lucky for you, these are all materials readily available, can be “up-cycled” and not necessarily expensive, if you search in the right places.

Hint: Go outside and explore local garden suppliers, the beach and even lumber yards for raw materials

Renovate Your Apartment With the Style of Some of the World's Chicest Hotels

Balinese architecture is developed from Balinese ways of life, their spatial organization, their communal-based social relationships, as well as philosophy and spirituality, influenced its design; much owed to Balinese Hinduism. Balinese architecture merges with their spirituality in that it is believed that the concept of harmony and balance consists of three elements; Atma (human), Angga (nature), and Khaya (gods). The home and interior must prescribe three ways that human beings must strive to nurture harmonious relationship with; fellow human beings, nature, and God.


Comb your local importer of Balinese goods…. or better yet, take a trip yourself to comb the markets and ship back home, for the full experience!

Balinese architecture and interiors will make you appreciate the balance that nature plays with indoor spaces: dramatic frames seem to invite in the greenery into your inner sanctum and ornate doors, laced with carvings are totems that welcome and invite good spirits.

Pro Tip:  The key to Balinese style is that an exterior space first needs plants to create the Bali style. It’s very important to get that right, then you can add such elements as a water feature, bamboo, outdoor fountains, showers or sculpture add that being on vacation at home feel.

It’s all about merging the indoor with outdoor.


Wood and stone carvings are a big part of the layers of artistry that add a distinctly Balinese flavor.