10 Reasons To Opt For A Private Rental Over A Hotel


There’s nothing like home. Everything has its place, privacy is not a luxury, and there are no rules about how to behave. But I need to travel – often for work – and sometimes for leisure. It’s important to get away from the daily grind, to take a breather and regroup; a change of scenery is important for more reasons than one. When I travel, I want the best of both worlds: a successful business trip along with some R&R. These are my top 10 reasons for choosing a private rental over a hotel stay.



For the price of a hotel room in today’s market, you can get a luxurious villa, complete with every amenity you can possibly need. Even if you have a big budget, everyone likes to know that their money is being well spent.



The lounge room is all yours and you can pick the bedroom that suits your mood. There’s no shortage of wide open spaces and living areas for you to stretch out and get comfortable. Not to mention that your luggage is out of the way so that you can really feel at home.




The best hotels are positioned in the hub of the city so that travelers have access to all the top attractions and can get around easily. Considering a private rental means that you can get a house in the hills (read: quiet and calm) with a view of the city. To me, that is the perfect combination.



If you like to learn about other cultures and nationalities, experiencing life as a local is the best way to do that. Simply go about your day between the other residents; ask them for the best places to shop, eat and visit as you gain an understanding of their day-to-day life.



Check-in and check-out times at hotels can be limiting. If your flight arrives at 6am, but check-in time is only at 11, you might end up homeless for a few hours. When booking a rental, you can discuss these details ahead of time, so that your arrival and departure times are taken into consideration.



Hotels are dealing with hundreds of guests who are coming and going at all hours of the day and your requests are sometimes lost in the shuffle. At a private rental, the host is very eager to meet your needs and are more than willing to accommodate your personal requests to make your stay more comfortable.



Waking up extra early for the hotel breakfast and then rushing to get there before it’s all cleared away is not my idea of vacation. I prefer to stock the fridge with all my favorites from the local market, and then enjoy a homecooked meal! It’s easy to put healthy eating on hold when traveling- but if you can prepare your own food, it’s a win-win.




A trip to the pool can sometimes feel like more of a headache than a treat— but if the garden is all yours, it has the just the right amount of appeal. Slip on your favorite swim trunks (or none at all!) and bask in the sunlight all day long, without the stares of interfering onlookers.



For business travelers, a dedicated work space is a welcome necessity and easy to find when considering a holiday rental. Chances are you will also have access to the printer, scanner and other office supplies during your stay.



A vacation home allows you the space and opportunity to invite all your buddies to join for the weekend. Stock up on beer, light the barbecue enjoy good conversation until the sun goes down. It’s the perfect party after a busy week and will leave you with wonderful memories long after it’s over.


A private rental offers the perfect mix of luxury with relaxation, space and privacy, quiet and accessibility, as well as the ability to keep to your daily regimen without too many interruptions. So when it’s time to head back home, you can effortlessly resume your routine, with all the familiar comforts that you know and love.