Five Minutes With Anthony Ritossa


From November 10-12th I had the privilege of being in the company of some of the biggest investors in the world at the 7th Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit at the Four Seasons Jumeirah Dubai.  Royal Families from the Gulf and Europe were represented as well “old money” from The America’s and Asia. Two trillion in Investment wealth was represented.


“I am pleased that our Family Ofice Summits have earned a reputation as the “Davos of Family Offices.” Anthony Ritossa

The Pemberley: Who is Anthony Ritossa?

Anthony Ritossa: I have over 30 years of international financial markets and investment experience. Prior to my family office role, I had a distinguished Wall Street career having held senior executive positions at Nomura, Barclays Capital, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, and Bankers Trust Australia. I am known for contrarian and thematic investments that have included the U.S. Subprime Crisis, the European Sovereign Debt and Banking Crisis, and various strategic private equity, real estate and blockchain allocations. I speak frequently at various international investment conferences, serve as the Chairman of the European Union Sovereign & Investment Advisory Board, and sit on a number of other advisory boards.


The Pemberley: Tell us a bit about your family history and olive oil.

Anthony Ritossa: Ritossa Family Office represents the distillation of six hundred years of history — of a grove, a family and a region. The gnarled roots of the Ritossa olive groves have persevered through war and natural disasters, through changes of climate and country, and under the rule of warrior princes, wealthy merchant kings and modern despots. I was born and raised in Sydney and have lived in five countries.

The Pemberley: What is the connection between The Ritossa Family and the Middle East?

Anthony Ritossa: Ritossa Family Office hosts Global Family Office Summits in locations such as Dubai, Monaco, and Miami to bring together the world’s leading experts to discuss and debate actionable strategies for generating returns. Facilitated by family offices for family offices, the Summits provide two days of private peer-to-peer conversation, networking and cross-border thought leadership, designed to make substantial families think about what to look out for, how you are investing and why. The Middle East is a leading epicenter of wealth and is therefore an ideal location for our Summits.


The Pemberley:  How did you come up with this idea that connects so many UHNWI? 

Anthony Ritossa: Since the very first Summit, I have strived to make the events like a “Davos of Family Offices.” As is the case with all of my Ritossa Family Office Global Family Office Summits, the Dubai Summit will feature the world’s leading experts discussing and debating actionable strategies for generating returns in a low yield environment, timely world events, foundation of a lifelong legacy, and top tier investment opportunities.  It is indeed an honour to bring such a prestigious group together in Dubai.


The Pemberley: Which country or region excites you the most when it comes to investments?

Anthony Ritossa: I am involved with investment opportunities around the globe, but certainly the Middle East, US  and Europe present a number of compelling investment opportunities.


The Pemberley: What type of problems do people have when they come to the events? What are they looking to solve? 

Anthony Ritossa: Our Summit attendees seek to network with their peers and hear about investment opportunities they otherwise would not be presented. Deal flow and unique investment strategies are of keen interest to the audience.

The Pemberley: What are some success stories that have come out of these events?  

Anthony Ritossa: “Chainstarter Ventures is proud to be a sponsor for our good friend and host Anthony Ritossa. His Summits are the best of the best in a perfect setting. During his most recent Summit in Monaco we achieved $360 million of investments commitments,” said Nick Ayton, Founder & CEO, Chainstarter and Family Office Crypto Advisor, United Kingdom.

“The Monaco Summit was a tremendous success. Anthony Ritossa and myself are committed to long-term collaboration in the interest of the substantial families and family offices that consider the Summit as a key opportunity for interaction and collaboration. There is truly no other event worldwide that offers the high quality of powerful speakers and delegates that Ritossa Family Office Summits provide," said Giuseppe Ambrosio, President of the Monaco Single & Multi Family Office International Association.

Many prominent families connect at our events and they would not have otherwise. As a results, I hear many success stories of investments they have collaborated on together.


The Pemberley: What's the biggest deal that has come about from one of these meetings?

Anthony Ritossa: Chainstarter is certainly one and I continue to hear of numerous deals that originated during our Summits. Our attendees are quite private when it comes to disclosing details of their private wealth and actual investments and the fact that we respect that makes the Summits successful.


The Pemberley: How do you decide on a theme?

Anthony Ritossa: Our esteemed advisory board helps me to brainstorm theme ideas in advance of each Summit. Featuring the theme “East Meets West,” the Dubai event promises to be the largest and most exclusive worldwide family office gathering of all time.