Designer Spotlight: Chana Marelus

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Chana Marelus was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. At twelve years old she immigrated to Israel with her family. Chana’s mother was extremely interested in fashion and often brought the glossy pages of Vogue into the home. Chana got her first taste of haute couture through these magazines.

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In her Jewish community, there is a constant need for evening gowns for every celebration so over the years Chana was inspired by the clothing around her and she started to develop her fashion line at a very young age. She was sixteen when she designed her first dress.

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It is very hard to pinpoint from where Chana gets her inspiration. The design process is constantly changing, and everything that Chana encounters in the world serves as inspiration towards her creations. Her favorite designer is Alexander McQueen. Her team is made up of twelve people, but Chana designs each gown herself. She has had many celebrities wear her gowns.

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Chana always has her ideal woman in mind when creating. A woman with a high sense of self-confidence, proud of her appearance, and feminine. Her goal is for every woman who wears her designs feels strong and powerful as well as feminine and beautiful. Chana makes sure her gowns enable anyone who wears them to feel beautiful and confident about every aspect of their body and look.

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The latest designs can be found at Chana Marelus.

The latest collection, “Queen of the Woodlands” is all about fantasy coming to life through fairy-like designs. The pastel colors in dusty shades set the perfect tone for a whimsical wonderland. Each creation is brought to life with hand sewn, embroidered flowers and materials, combining the playfulness of the fairy world with the modern day woman.