Cocktail Recipe: The Spicy Frenchman

Cocktail Recipe: The Spicy Frenchman

The Spicy Frenchman is a creation of Gabriel Trachtenberg of Mr. Cocktail fame.

A play on the classic martini, the drink has a smooth and subtle flavor with a spicy finish.

You'll need:

  • 1.5 oz habanero infused Tanqueray gin

  • 1 fino sherry

  • 0.75 St. Germaine

  • 0.5 Benedictine

  • 0.75 fresh Lemon juice Shaken

  • 0.5 absinthe for glaze

The absinthe gets lit up and thrown between two metal mugs and the gets poured into a martini glass for a wash before getting poured out on the bar. The garnish: a triangle of lemon, a ring of red habanero and a maraschino cherry

Habanero infused gin shaken up with St. Germaine liquor, Sherri, benediction and lemon juice served in an absinthe caramelized glass.


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