A Worth-Waking-Up-For Breakfast

Breakfast Fit For Your Aunt Deborah

We’ve all had guests, we’ve all been guests. It’s either been a pleasure on both sides or uncomfortable for all! Morning time always turns out to be the most awkward time for guests. Maybe the bed is not what you’re used to, maybe you’re a senior and wake up earlier than you’re 20 years old hosts. To make morning easier always plan things out the night before. Let everyone’s schedules be known so people can wake up at the appropriate times and make sure your guest can find what he or she needs to get ready in the morning. Towels should be clearly displayed but maybe you forgot to replenish your conditioner stock in the guest bathroom.

Breakfast is usually in shifts between the early risers and the not so early risers. To make it as all go as seamlessly as possible we have listed the essentials for a house guest breakfast.

Put out a nice tray on the kitchen counter with drinks and cups and sugar. These should include an herbal tea, an instant coffee, honey, a hearty multigrain loaf of bread, bananas, and almonds.

SIDE NOTE: Keep a light on in the kitchen in case a guest can’t sleep and would like to leave their room. Nobody wants to wake up from the yelping of your cousin because he broke his toe on the kitchen bar stool.

Inside the refrigerator contains Part 2. The things that need to be cold. Such as: butter and jam, smoked salmon, cucumber and tomato slices, yogurt, and berries.

If you implement these plans I’m sure everyone will have a smooth and comfortable morning.

Below are some of our favorite trays. Don’t keep them hidden in cabinets when they are not in need— display them on your coffee table, on an ottoman in the family room, even on your dresser to display little boxes and candles.


Ribbed Tray


Kendra Scott

Stone Slab Tray