A Warm Winter Gift For Her


As a gentleman your job is to keep the women in your life feeling safe and protected. Why not gift the woman in your life with the incredible softness of Brinkley Wool? Handmande in Lebanon.

The Pemberley: Why is Brinkleywool such a special brand and where does it come from? Where do you deliver?

Brinkleywool: Brinkleywool is a Lebanese brand that sells handmade knitwear using the best quality wool. It’s a special brand as it uses 100% Peruvian and merino wool that is natural, renewable, biodegradable, and most importantly is ethically sheered. In addition to that, we are working with talented artisans across Lebanon and giving them the opportunity to hand knit these items using their talent which is something we are proud of. brinkleywool aims at supporting sustainable fashion and encourages people to buy responsibly. 

We deliver worldwide with a special flat rate of 25 USD.

The Pemberley: How long does it take to get one of your pieces delivered approximately? What is the time frame for creating pieces if they are made to order?

B: Our items are all hand knitted and so will take an average of 10 days to be completed and ready to be shipped. Once shipped, the client will obtain a tracking number so you can track your shipment and know when you will receive it. 

The Pemberley: Are you coming out with a special collection for the Holidays?

B: We are constantly aiming to provide new items that include new patterns, designs, and colors and for the holidays we will introduce a new sweater that will be perfect as a Christmas gift or to wear on Christmas Day !! 


The Pemberley: What makes this wool so special or unique?

B: We use two different kinds of wool. One that comes from Peru, and the other one that comes from Yorkshire. Both kinds of wool are very unique and of the highest quality wool. What makes them so special is that they are ethically sheered, and are sourced with consideration as to reduce the impact on the environment. It’s natural, renewable, biodegradable. Plus, it’s stretchy, breathable, easy to care for and comes in amazing colors. 

The Pemberley: Why is this the perfect gift for the woman in your life?

B: We believe that all handmade items have a touch of uniqueness to them. Our items come in different patterns and colors and they all give you the warmth and style that will be an addition to your winter outfits (scarves, cardigans, sweaters) as well as your interior (blankets). Any brinkleywool item as a gift is warm, unique, and extra special !! 

The Pemberley: Tell us about your website and any special collaborations you might have coming up in the next few months.

B: Our website was launched this year and we are very happy with the feedback we received so far. We tried our best to make it user friendly and clear. We want our clients to enjoy their online shopping experience and be fully informed about the brand and the collections we have so far.