5 Adventurous Date Night Ideas

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No matter if you’re looking for a first-date idea or if you want to spice up your date nights, it’s always a great idea to choose something fun and adventurous. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything super adrenaline-charged like skydiving or swimming with sharks! Here are a few adventurous date ideas suitable for everyone who loves a bit of excitement on their date.

See how steady your hand is

You don’t have to be pro-violence to enjoy some weapon handling! As a matter of fact, knowing how to properly fire a gun, handle a knife or shoot an arrow can be a great life skill that can keep you safe. So, grab your date and visit your local shooting range, try axe throwing or archery. You’re bound to have so much fun, learn new things and even engage in a friendly competition. The loser has to grant a wish, so feel free to be creative! However, keep in mind that you’re handling real weapons, so be careful, respectful and handle them only in a controlled environment. 

Play in the snow

Many people choose to stay inside when the weather is not friendly, and who can blame them. However, it would be really a shame to miss out all the fun you can have in the snow! There are so many amazing date ideas you can try out during winter: You can go skiing, snowboarding, sledding or snow-tubing. If that’s too extreme for you, you can just have a playful snowball fight and laugh your heart out. Plus, when you come back to your place for a cup of hot beverage, cuddling is almost guaranteed!

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Hit the beach

If you prefer summer and summer activities that involve the beach and the ocean, why not try something that will allow you to dive into your relationship head-first! Forget lounging at the beach, grab your scuba diving gear and explore the underwater world with your date. You don’t need any sorts of expertise to take up diving, but make sure to have good gear and an experienced diving instructor by your side. Once you dive under the surface and see the beauty that hides underneath, you’ll share that experience with your date forever! This activity will also give you plenty of subjects to talk about once you emerge from the water. And who knows, maybe scuba diving becomes a shared hobby that will continue to bring you closer together as a couple.

Return to your childhood

If you two are a bit bummed out that you had to grow up, you can revert back to your childhoods and have a super fun date roller-blading, ice skating or hitting your local batting cage. If you have the need for speed, you can try go-karting and channel your fast-and-furiousness! All of these date ideas will not only bring back sweet memories from your childhood but also allow you to create new and exciting ones with your date!


Retreat to nature

If you have time for an extended date, you can reserve the entire weekend and have a nature outing. Sure, it’s not recommended to do this on your first date (you don’t want to freak out your love interest), but if you’ve been together for some time and need a fresh date idea, there’s nothing more romantic than seclusion of nature, stars and fresh air. Make sure to bring plenty of food and drinks and a cozy tent to keep you warm and comfy. There’s just something about nature that brings people closer and makes them more tender and honest—these are all the feelings you want to evoke on your date.

These exciting date ideas will not only show how fun you are but also create a stronger bond between you two and almost guarantee a second date or a rerun!