4 Off the Beaten Path Yacht Spots

Taking trips and excursions on the sea can be one of the most serene and beautiful experiences you’ve ever had. Taking a yacht, however, adds to the beauty. Monaco can be busy, and Portofino are both beautiful but sometimes getting away from your circle of friends and business partners is what you need to recharge. Here are 4 destinations that are a bit more “out of the box”.



There are 8,300 kilometers of coastline that border Turkey. You’re sure to find beautiful and exotic coves, beaches, inlets, bays and marinas located around the country. Yachting around Turkey is among one of the best places due to the soft seas, calm winds, and clear waters. The Turkish coastline is separated into four yacht charter locations. Each of these areas give a different and personalized experience depending on what you’re looking for. Cruise the Ionian Coast if you’re looking for the best climate and weather. You can also discover shores with amazing mountain ranges to the West Lycian Coast. Easy Lycian Coast contains rock tombs and the most popular sailing ground is the Carian Coast.


St. Martin

St. Martin is overflowing with beauty and elegance. One of the most traveled yachting destinations in the world, the French and Netherlands both rule over this island and you get to experience two cultures in one place when you visit. Take your yacht there and you’ll be able to see many islands which include St. Barth’s, Saba, and Anguilla. Expect to be amazed by the beautiful and abandoned beaches with their white sand, great shopping, and waterfront restaurants. Take an excursion and go snorkeling in Saba. You’ll find exotic, tropical scenery combined with a great mixture of nightlife, world-renowned beaches, and islands to explore make this the best Caribbean vacation.



The surrounding waters around Greece contain 6,000 islets and islands and is one of the best places to charter a yacht. You’ll find hidden in this country ancient archeology, rich culture, and breathtaking landscapes that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The most popular islands that you need to explore are Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. Located in the center of Santorini you’ll find whitewashed houses, stunning towns buried in the hillside, and beautiful sunsets. Some of the best Greek food can be found in Crete and you’ll be able to go back in time thousands of years in history in their archaeological sites. Mykonos consists of great nightlife spots and is packed with popular beaches. Take a cruise through the ancient seas to explore many islands, both uninhabited and inhabited underneath the Mediterranean sun.


Catalina Island

This little island is owned by descendants of William Wrigley Jr., founder of the chewing gum brand. There have been people living on this island for the past 7,000 years, and it contains documented history for the past 120 years. It’s a small island that is located 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles. It doesn’t look like much at a distance, but as you get closer, it is the perfect getaway for adventurous souls. The sea around this island is perfect for chartering yachts, as well as sailing, and open ocean rafting. We toured the island on bikes that we rented. Enjoy diving, zip lining, exploring sunken ships and a plane wreck, and taking boat tours around the island. Some must-see places are the museum and ballroom.


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