10 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship


  1. Express yourself with “his” and “her” notebooks to write down issues that might be difficult to state in spoken words.

  2. Keep a Getaway Fund in a pretty jar and make a habit of adding small change. When it get’s full, use the money for an outing or vacation.

  3. Schedule “no-matter-how-busy-we-are” fifteen-minute daily appointments for having coffee together, talking.

  4. Gift the gift of understanding. If your spouse has had a hard day, react with patience and by giving “space” rather than becoming sullen and annoyed.

  5. Become an expert— on your own marriage. Read books, listen to tapes, attend talks. Seek guidance from an expert when you need it. A happy home life is precious enough to put on top of the priorities’ list.

  6. Do a project together. Refinish that dresser, paint a bedroom, or do a 1,000-piece puzzle.

  7. Keep a running list of the beautiful characteristics you see in your significant other, including specific incidents where you have been particularly impressed or appreciative.

  8. Stage a surprise— from a birthday party to fixing the leaky faucet after several months of reminders or cooking a favorite supper.

  9. Pray for assistance in making your marriage all it can be.

 And most importantly—

10. Consciously offer at least one encouraging, genuine, and uplifting remark to your significant other each and every day.