10 Reasons to Adopt A Child

10 Reasons to Adopt A Child

1. Every child deserves a happy home. If you have the means, and the love, to give a child a warm home with every opportunity available to them then you should adopt a child. If you and your extended family can accept, and love a child unconditionally, this is all you need. Understand that the child has a history and heritage that also needs to be respected and embraced.

If you do not have the means to give a child a variety of opportunities I would say do not adopt a child.

When a birth mother chooses a family the annual income is the first thing she looks at in your profile. It may seem greedy, but she wants to ensure the child will have everything she could not offer.

Before you start the adoption process talk over the idea with parents and family. If there is even one person in the family who will not accept the child as your own, you should not bring them into that sort of environment. No child needs to feel like they are “less” or hear fighting within the family unit.

Where your child comes from is a big deal. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. If your baby is from China, make sure you impart to them the knowledge and history of what makes his or her background important. Try to integrate Chinese tradition with your family tradition. And always let the child know they are special, loved, and smart.

2. A child who comes from a background of abuse, abandonment, or orphaned needs a home with a family who understands there will be ups and downs and is prepared for these challenges. You could be a savior.

Personally, my mother is my savior, my best friend, my confidant, and my cheering squad. She has been there through the worst of times and will continually be there for me through the best as well. Tell your child every day that you love them. Trust me; they need to hear it. 

3. Maybe you know a child in need of a family. It may come out of nowhere, but it could be a blessing for you and your family. This is not one that you are looking for but one that will fall into your lap, so to say. If you have a niece or cousin who had an accidental pregnancy it’s always nice to hear that you took the child in as your own while the biological mother can still be a part of the child’s life, a step back but still there.

4. Live as an example of your faith. Welcoming a child into your home is seen by some as a calling. Don’t go blindly into it. Read up about all that you have to commit to before changing the lives of you and your family. Research is an important aspect of adoption. Make sure you are a good fit.

5. Couples suffering from infertility usually start to consider other options when IVF procedures continue to fail. Adoption is a great choice, but first, the couple must come to terms with the fact they will not be parenting a biological child. It’s hard, I know. After your long journey of Infertility, we all hope to end up with a baby with our shared personality and features. Who knows, you could end up adopting a baby with similarities to yourself. But first, you must grieve the children you never had. My biological mother constantly forgets I am adopted. I have the same sense of humor as my brother, the same nearsightedness as my mother, I’m completely inept at math just like her as well, and I have her thin brown hair. She forgets until the subject of adoption is brought up.

6. If you are adopted yourself, like I am, then you feel the need to “return the favor” and give a child the same chance at a good life that you had. And why not? I have an interesting story of adoption. I am third generation female adopted. That’s right, I was adopted, my biological mother was adopted, and my biological grandmother was adopted. So now, when the time is right for me, I would adopt to show my appreciation to the world. It was good for me, so I will give back when the time is right. It can be something we share, and I look forward to it.

7. If you are fostering and one particular child yanks on your heartstrings when the plans to be reunited with family has failed then consider adopting him or her. Just remember that fostering a three-year-old is not the same as a 13-year-old adoptee. This will not be a short-term thing. You must be prepared to give this child all your love even when he isn’t cute anymore, when he is having trouble with friends, and when you need to walk her down the aisle. You don’t get to give the child back when things get hard.

8. If every family in the United States adopted a child, there would be no more children in orphanages or foster care or homeless on the street. Let’s take care of the children the world has before we start producing more. This is something I believe in wholeheartedly. If you just got married and wanted to have a family go ahead and adopt. Your children do not need to be biological. The world offers so many hardships and atrocities, every day; there is no need to keep producing children until all the children of the world are cared for.

9. Children in stable homes do better in school. Your child could be the next Steve Jobs or the next President of the United States. Give them warmth and encouragement, and they can succeed in anything. And remember—whether your child wants to be a street artist or a doctor- you should offer the same amount of support.

10. In the words of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, “Every child deserves to have at least one person crazy about them.” I will not speak about politics here, but Michelle Bachmann could not have been more correct about this issue. Adopted or not. Children are all special.