10 Must-Have Coffee Table Books

Can you imagine a home without books on the coffee table? Sounds cold and sterile, right? What these books accomplish just by existing is extraordinary. They warm up the space, they give your guests something to look at while they wait for you to bring out tea and cakes, and they tell the readers a little bit about you and what interests you. The following is a list I have compiled of ten fascinating coffee table books. All beautiful, all informative, all inspirational.


10 Must-Have Coffee Table Books

Vogue: The Covers

We just had to feature this beauty in honor of Vogue’s 125th anniversary!

10 Must-Have Coffee Table Books

Christian Louboutin by Christian Louboutin

Who doesn't love art in the form of a shoe?

10 Must-Have Coffee Table Books

Flower by Andrew Zuckerman

I love flowers, If I don't have any fresh flowers around me, I get sulky. Hopefully, this new addition to the home will cheer anyone up.

10 Must Have Coffee Table Books

The Finer things by Christiane Lemieux

A little inspiration and history on the finer aspects of the home.

10 Must Have Coffee Table Books

Portraits by Steve McCurry

You probably recognize the portrait on the cover. The others do not disappoint.

gray malin book.jpg

BEACHES by Gray Malin

Obsessed with his Instagram and colorful life? So are we. Buy the book to incorporate a summer feel in your home all year round.

10 Must Have Coffee Table Books

Andy Warhol: 365 Takes

The obvious choice. No living room is finished until something of Warhol’s is included.

10 Must Have Coffee Table Books

1957: What a year it was!

Go back in time with Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson, and "Leave it to Beaver." American culture was never more fun, shocking, nor glamorous.

10 Must Have Coffee Table Books

The Watch Book by Gisbert Brunner

A stunning look into the art of horology

cigar book.jpg

Ultimate Cigar Book by Richard Carleton Hacker

This book has everything you need or want to know about cigars. It’s printing in 1993 credits today’s current cigar smoking craze.