The Pemberley magazine was created by Editor-in-Chief, Claire Blumenthal, and was born out of her desire to create and share her exclusive experiences in the most elegant settings around the globe. Tailored to our most discerning international readers, The Pemberley magazine provides in depth insight into premier luxury travel destinations, Michelin-starred restaurants, awe-inspiring bespoke design, and extraordinary success stories. 

Our readers benefit from our detail oriented approach to news and events from around the world through our monthly online publication and regular newsletters.


Discover the finest destinations in Travel as we review five-star hotels and personalised experiences off the beaten path. We reveal insider tips from within our network about a place's history, its art and culture, as well as some of its most remarkable locals.

In our House section you'll find stimulating home arrangement tips, riveting features on architecture and design, delectable recipes and more, to turn your home into an elegant residence. 


We show our appreciation for sublime fabrics and elegant ensembles in Style as we feature the talented artisans and tailors behind some of our favourite bespoke suits, dresses, and jewels.


In Lifestyle we share our love and passion for fine dining and perfectly aged wines, as we peruse the restaurants and wine cellars of some of the most renowned international chefs and sommeliers; we discuss etiquette and the quality of being graceful in both appearance as well as manner in every day life; and we write stories about exquisite art work impossible to resist sharing. 





"Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever."


"Your mood should not dictate your manners."


"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before."



Claire Blumenthal




Claire Blumenthal wants nothing more than to be surrounded by great beauty at all times. She has experience in working with food, hotels, fashion, and interiors, and The Pemberley is a place where she can share all that she loves. Her favorite articles are the ones on hotels. She has travelled around the world since she was eighteen years old and living in hotels is one of the perks of such a life. She feels more at home in hotels than she does in her mother’s home. The three things she never leaves the house without? Zoya’s grey nailpolish, Marc Jacobs perfume, and her kindle.


Mursleen brings with himself a perfect blend of entrepreneurial flair and rich corporate experience— a financial controller by the day and managing his own VC fund in the evening.

At Pemberley, Mursleen aims to combine his experience in the business consulting along with the passion for elegance and exclusivity to steer the company in the right direction. He volunteers regularly with the ‘Whittaker peace and development initiative (WPDI)’ to provide education to war torn children in Sudan, and also sits on the board of various startups in the UAE aimed at tackling social issues.

Mursleen enjoys travelling and learning about history and cultures in his free time. He has travelled across the old routes in Egypt, Turkey and the Levant region before settling in Dubai. Busy corporate life has not diminished Mursleen’ s passion for horses. He loves horse riding and has completed riding expeditions across the Middle east and central Asia. He is an amateur polo player.


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